Movement in the open

Adria International Raceway

The Autodromo Adria International Raceway is located a few kilometers from the Agriturismo Millefiori, the doors of the Po Delta. A stay in nature and an organic breakfast is the best fuel to reach the finish! The Agriturismo Millefiori is a few km from the slopes of the Adria International Raceway, easily accessible from our hotel, with no busy roads alternatives. The Agriturismo looks like a setting surrounded by nature, where there is an atmosphere of tranquility and peace, an aspect often pointed out by our guests who choose us to be able to spend relaxing hours after a hectic day of sport. Our structure is also a welcoming environment for those who during the races bring their families with them. The farm has in fact large indoor and outdoor spaces, with ample secure parking. In addition, our large park as well as being aesthetically well cared presents several alternatives for those staying in the facility: our outdoor pool where you can cool off on summer days, gazebo in the picturesque pond and several gazebos with seating and chairs where you can relax. Our breakfasts feature homemade products, sweet and savory. It offers the opportunity to dine in the restaurant of the renowned The menu includes homemade expressed preparations: first, second, side dish, dessert, water, coffee accompanied by fine wines.


Polesine and the Po Delta have a unique presence of birds in the world, with over 370 species of water birds, migratory, migratory and step including: waders, ducks, herons and red and, in summer, the pink flamingos.

A paradise for bird watchers, who point out in particular the Via delle Valli, between Albarella and Rosolina Mare, and the Oasis of Ca 'Mello with a watchtower.



The territory where stands our farm is rich in rivers and is wet from the sea. Fishing enthusiasts will be able to live their passion along the banks of the Po and Adige, at the many canals and ditches of the countryside, or in the Po Delta.


If you love golf, staying in Polesine you spoiled for choice. For the less experienced, the Golf Club Rovigo is just ten kilometers from the farm, while the experts can deal with the prestigious track of Galzignano, the Euganean Hills, and the Golf Club of Albarella Island, with breathtaking views of the lagoon and on the Po Delta.